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TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 3/6/14

The final Impact before Lockdown kicks off with Bobby Roode, Zema Ion and BroMans in the ring. Roode talks about Lockdown. Something has changed and this is now Team Dixie. Austin Aries comes out and talks about helping Roode beat MVP last week. Aries wants half of the 10% stake in TNA that Dixie Carter gave Roode to captain her team at Lockdown. MVP comes out with The Wolves and both sides face off in the ring. Dixie comes out and gets between the two groups. She has words with MVP. MVP reveals that Jeff Hardy is returning at Lockdown to be part of Team MVP. It will now be MVP, Hardy and The Wolves vs. Roode, Aries and BroMans. A brawl breaks out and we get a match.

* Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Robbie E vs. MVP and The Wolves under elimination rules is up next. Robbie gets pinned first. Roode pins MVP, which will be twice in two weeks of TV. Apparently Aries and Eddie Edwards had a great exchange in this match. Edwards and Davey Richards were said to be the stars of the match. It came down to one or two of The Wolves and Roode. Our correspondent says the match ended in an odd way and more than half the crowd seemed distracted by security breaking up a big fight between two drunk guys in the crowd. Even the wrestlers stopped to watch the fight. There was also no explanation before the match about the elimination stipulation or the rules.

* Ethan Carter III is out to cut a promo on Kurt Angle and Lockdown. Ethan calls himself The American Icon. Angle comes out and they have words before Ethan escapes the ring. They finally brawl in and out of the ring and Ethan puts a submission on Kurt’s knees.

* Sam Show comes out and is met by “creepy bastard” chants. Mr. Anderson is out next with Eric Young. Shaw vs. EY ends in a disqualification when Anderson gets involved.

* Alpha Female, Lei’D Tapa and Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB is up next. ODB was said to be over big time with the crowd. Chris Sabin was at ringside for Alpha and taunted Velvet during the match. Velvet ends up getting the win for her team.

* Gunner comes out for an in-ring promo but is interrupted by James Storm. They have words and Storm gets in a cheap shot. They brawl and that’s it.

* It’s announced they will be re-filming the elimination match from earlier, probably because of the confusion and the fans watching the fight in the crowd. They tape around 5 minutes of Bobby Roode vs. Davey Richards, which was the ending of the elimination match. Roode got the pin for his team.

* Samoa Joe and Magnus are out for the final segment. Lots more heel heat for Magnus here. Bully Ray ends up coming out and getting into it with Joe. The final Impact before Lockdown ends with Joe putting Bully through a table and leaving.

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 2/27/14

MVP kicks off the show with a promo about Team Dixie and Lockdown.

* BroMans defeated The Wolves and Kazarian & Daniels in a three-way tag team match when Robbie E stole a pin from one of The Wolves. This was said to be a very good tag match. There was apparently a funny moment where Zema Ion broke some of his DJ equipment.

* Douglas Williams returns to TNA and gets a huge pop from the UK crowd. He’s facing Ethan Carter III. Ethan actually gets the win to much heat from the crowd.

* James Storm comes out and talks about how he screwed Gunner last week. Gunner is called out and they argue. Our correspondent thinks a match was made for later.

* Magnus comes out to huge heat from his home country crowd. Magnus calls out Samoa Joe and has an opponents for him, German wrestler Bad Bones. Joe destroys Bones in a match.

* Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction is next. They air a video package and Jeremy Borash does the induction. Angle comes out to a massive ovation and is presented with a Rolex watch by Borash. Angle gives an emotional speech. This was described as a very good moment until Ethan Carter III interrupts. They argue for a few minutes and Angle vs. Ethan for TNA Lockdown is announced.

* MVP vs. Bobby Roode with Austin Aries as special referee is up next. Aries is apparently wearing some really short shorts with his referee attire. Roode got the win after Aries turned on MVP and laid him out.

* Lei’D Tapa and Alpha Female vs. Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky is up next. Alpha came out with Chris Sabin on her shoulder. Sabin and Gail Kim watched from ringside. It was noted that Alpha and Tapa looked massive standing next to each other in the ring. Tapa and Alpha get the win and Gail joins in for a post-match beatdown until ODB makes the save.

* They may be taping somethings out of order here but Christy Hemme was in the ring when Sam Shaw confronted her and began to creepily obsess over here some more. Mr. Anderson comes out to interrupt. It was noted that Anderson and Shaw were dressed almost the same and looked just like each other. Anderson called Shaw a creepy bastard and got a “creepy bastard” chant going. This was described as a segment with not much to it. Hemme ended up slapping Shaw

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 2/20/14

* Impact opens with Magnus, Dixie Carter, Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. More heat for Magnus and “paper champion” chants. MVP interrupts them and comes to the ring this time. He gets a big pop when he says Magnus is as popular as David Moyes. Team Dixie vs. Team MVP in a 4 on 4 match at Lockdown is announced. We will find out the participants tonight but it looks like Team MVP is MVP, The Wolves and Gunner. MVP also got a “yes!” chant going.

* Gunner is cashing in his World Title briefcase against Magnus later tonight.

* We get a promo from Bobby Roode on the big screen. James Storm appeared and apparently they teased getting back together in the near future.

* Samoa Joe defeated Zema Ion and Bro Mans in a 3 on 1 handicap match.

* Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards vs. Daniels and Kazarian is announced for later.

* There’s an in-ring segment with Dixie Carter and Bobby Roode. Dixie is doing something with Roode’s contract, maybe it’s expiring, and he’s leaving TNA. Our correspondent noted fans were chanting for Roode to stay and for Beer Money to reunite. Dixie offers Roode 10% of the company if he will captain her team at Lockdown against Team MVP. Roode accepts.

* The Wolves defeated Kazarian and Daniels.

* Magnus defeated Gunner in the main event with the World Heavyweight Title on the line when James Storm turned on Gunner again.

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 2/13/14

* Dixie Carter, Magnus, Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud kick off Impact. Team Dixie is once again met by huge heat. Our correspondent was surprised that the UK fans booed Magnus as bad as they did. Magnus praised Dixie. MVP interrupts to a big pop. MVP speaks from the stage, runs down Dixie and says she has “excess miles, wear and tear” on her. Out comes Gunner and Samoa Joe. Gunner speaks and will be cashing in his World Title briefcase in one week, he says. MVP rips Ethan Carter and calls him C3PO, which gets a huge reaction. MVP makes Gunner vs. Ethan in a Ladder Match with Gunner’s World Title briefcase and Ethan’s Tag Title briefcase on the line and that is next.

* The crew quickly hangs both briefcases from the chain and brings out ladders. James Storm and Magnus end up getting involved. MVP comes out and makes it Gunner and Storm vs. Magnus and Ethan in a Ladder Match with both briefcases on the line. Gunner and Storm get the win when Gunner climbs up and gets the briefcases. Apparently even though it was a tag match, only Gunner or Ethan could be the winners. There was once again tension between Ethan and Magnus.

* The Wolves and Samoa Joe defeated Zema Ion and BroMans in what was described as an amazing performance by Joe and The Wolves.

* Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a Casket Match is announced for later.

* Abyss comes out but he’s not wearing his mask, so it’s like Joseph Park in Abyss attire. He cuts a promo and says Abyss is back before calling out Eric Young. They have words but Abyss takes off the hoodie and apparently has a soft side now. It looks like Abyss and Young are back on good terms.

* MVP squashes Rockstar Spud.

* Chris Sabin vs. Velvet Sky is up next. The match doesn’t happen as German women’s wrestler Alpha Female debuts and takes out Velvet. Alpha is Sabin’s new bodyguard.

* Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray in a Casket Match is next. Bully gets instant heat by wearing a Liverpool jersey out. This was described as a really good brawl with chairs and tables used, but a screwy finish. Anderson ended up getting the win by hitting a Mic Check into the coffin.

* Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne in a Street Fight.

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 2/6/14

* Impact opens up with Austin Aries coming out to a big pop. He cuts a promo but Zema Ion interrupts and will be cashing his briefcase for a X Division Title shot. Aries gets the win with a nasty brainbuster.

* Curry Man vs. Bully Ray is up next. Bully brings his coffin to ringside with him. Bully got the easy win after a piledriver. Bully rolls Curry into the coffin after the match.

* Abyss vs. Eric Young in a Monster’s Ball match is next. They used everything including chairs, tables, thumbtacks and the return of Janice. Abyss got the win but Young unmasked him to reveal Joseph Park. This was described as a must see match.

* MVP comes out to the ring for a promo and is using that name. He said he’s been enjoying life and keeps hearing about fans being tired of egotistical owners. MVP says he loves wrestling and can’t stand to watch it be ran down. He’s investing money to make a change in TNA. He praises TNA’s fans and talent and rips on management. Rockstar Spud interrupts and they have words. Spud invites MVP to meet Dixie on her throne. MVP makes Kurt Angle vs. Magnus in a non-title match.

* Kurt Angle vs. Magnus is up next. Our correspondent says Angle looks to be in the roughest shape he’s ever been in. Ethan Carter III ends up interfering when Angle has Magnus in the ankle lock. Ethan beats Angle down with chair shots. The referee throws up the “X” sign and ends the match, calling for help for Angle.

* Samoa Joe beat Bobby Roode to once again become the #1 contender.

* Dixie Carter comes out with Spud. She introduces MVP and welcomes him to TNA. She says they have a lot to talk about. Dixie praises Magnus and says she will lead NA to success. Dixie says she has dealt with good investors and bad investors, an apparent shot at Jeff Jarrett. MVP isn’t buying Dixie’s talk and says her reign of terror is over. MVP says her party is over and he plans on being very hands-on. MVP and Dixie had a staredown to end the show. In what may have been a post-show moment, MVP laid out Spud.

Full TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 12/12/13 

Taped on Friday:

* Before they can spin the Wheel of Dixie and determine more stipulations, Kurt Angle comes out and wants to fight Bobby Roode. Roode talks trash until a brawl breaks out. Angle vs. Roode in a 2 of 3 Falls match is made for Final Resolution on December 19th.

* Dixie Carter comes out and talks about her dislike for AJ Styles and how she can’t wait to have a new World Champion. She brings out Jeff Hardy and Magnus, who will face each other for the belt. They talk about why they’re going to win. The stipulation for their match will be “Dixieland” with the winner getting to travel the world with Dixie on her jet.

Taped on Saturday:

* Madison Rayne makes her return to TNA.

* Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin to become the new X Division Champion.

* ODB accepts Gail Kim’s open challenge but Gail makes her face Lei’d Tapa instead. They beat her down and Madison Rayne makes the save.

* Eric Young and Joseph Park beat Kazarian and Daniels. After the match, Young reveals that Park hasn’t been able to find Abyss because Park is Abyss.

* Ethan Carter III comes out and announces he will be facing Jeremy Borash tonight. Before Borash can get in the ring, Sting comes out and cuts a promo on EC3. Sting tells EC3 to either face him tonight or enter himself in the Feast or Famine main event. Carter chooses the main event.

* The participants for Feast or Famine are Dewey Barnes, Norv Fernum, Mr. Anderson, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Zema Ion, EC3, Curry Man, James Storm, Gunner, Chris Sabin, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe. Before the match, Anderson gets attacked by Bully Ray and laid out on the stage. Ray takes the mic and rips Anderson before officials help him to the back.

Four briefcases are hanging from poles on the corners with a World Heavyweight Title contract, a Tag Team Title contract, an X Division Title contract and a pink slip for somebody’s release. Gunner pulls Storm down and gets case #1, Zema gets case #2, EC3 gets case #3 and Chavo gets case #4.

Full TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 12/5/13 

Taped Friday:

* An opening segment with Magnus and Kurt Angle is interrupted by Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode in a tables match for the World Heavyweight Title tournament. The match had to be re-started after both of them went through a table at one point.

* Gail Kim defeated women’s wrestler Cherry Bomb in another open challenge match. ODB made the save after the match.

* Magnus beat Kurt Angle in a Last Man Standing match for the tournament after Roode laid out Angle. Roode attacked Angle again after the match until Hardy made the save.

Taped Saturday:

* Kazarian and Daniels opened the show but were interrupted by Joseph Park. They end up beating Park down and out comes Eric Young to make the save, setting up Park and Young vs. Bad Influence for next week.

* BroMans with Zema Ion defeated James Storm and Gunner when Gunner got disqualified for hitting the referee.

* Ethan Carter III comes out and is ready for a match with referee Earl Hebner. Hebner refuses but is threatened with his job. Hebner ends up laying down and letting EC3 pin him.

Full TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 11/28/13, Thanksgiving

Taped on Thursday:

* Lei’d Tapa defeated Velvet Sky.

* Bobby Roode, Kazarian, Daniels and Chris Sabin vs. Kurt Angle, Magnus, James Storm and Gunner in an elimination match was taped for the main event. It came down to Angle vs. all 4 heels. Team Roode won when Angle grabbed a steel chair and got disqualified.

Taped on Friday:

* Dixie Carter came out with her new assistant, Rockstar Spud and a Thanksgiving dinner table was set up. Dixie announces stipulations for tonight and a “Winner Winner Turkey Dinner” feast. Dixie brings Ethan Carter III out and they talk about how great their family is.

* Ethan Carter III defeated Curry Man.

* Backstage segment with BroMans, Zema Ion, Eric Young and ODB. There will be a tag match against Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum in turkey suits.

* Eric Young and ODB come to the ring with turkey suits. Zema Ion comes out next with his own DJ turntables and introduces BroMans. BroMans end up beating Barnes and Fernum. After the match, Fernum and Barnes dance around in turkey suits with ODB and EY.

* Everyone who has won a match comes out for the “Winner Winner Turkey Dinner” segment. Everyone talks about what they’re thankful for until Bobby Roode starts ripping Kurt Angle. Angle comes out and Roode challenges him to enter the ring for a beatdown. Angle ends up coming to the ring with ODB, Eric Young, Gunner, James Storm and Velvet Sky. Impact ends with a huge food fight.


*SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown Tapings for 11/29/13

* Randy Orton and Renee Young open the show with an in-ring interview. Orton talks about Survivor Series and is asked about the TLC match with John Cena but ends up walking out in the middle of it.

* There’s a Thanksgiving food eating contest backstage, hosted by Vickie Guerrero.

* Mark Henry vs. Curtis Axel is up next. Big E Langston and Ryback are at ringside. Henry gets the quick win.

* We see the eating contest on the big screen again. Titus O’Neil wins it and earns a singles match or a tag match against Antonio Cesaro later, our correspondent wasn’t sure which. There were other Thanksgiving skits as well.

* Los Matadores and El Torito vs. 3MB as The Plymouth Rockers in a six-man match is up next. 3MB use The Rockers’ old theme song. At one point, El Torito cleaned house on 3MB. Matadores and Torito get the win.

* Tensai and Brodus Clay vs. Xavier Woods and R-Truth is up next. Tensai and Clay get the win in another quick match after Clay splashed Woods. Before the match, there was a backstage segment with Clay shoving Woods and saying something about respect.

* Bray Wyatt cut a promo about Daniel Bryan and said he is safe with him. Wyatt says Bryan entered a man but will leave a monster.

* CM Punk comes out and is interviewed by Renee Young. He hasn’t heard from Daniel Bryan after being taken by The Wyatt Family and doesn’t know why The Shield attacked him but says maybe they were doing what The Authority told them to do.

* Antonio Cesaro beat Titus O’Neil by DQ when Darren Young interfered. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter were also at ringside. After the match, Titus got sick from the eating earlier and pukes in JBL’s cowboy hat and then puts it on Michael Cole’s head. Titus then pukes on Zeb.

* Goldust and Cody Rhodes defeat Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by DQ when Dean Ambrose interfered. CM Punk comes out and cleans house on The Shield with a chair. Vickie Guerrero makes it a six-man match.

The lights go out mid-match and The Wyatt Family interferes in the match. All hell breaks loose as The Usos and Rey Mysterio come out. Vickie makes it a twelve-man match now.

The lights go out mid-match and The Wyatt Family interferes in the match. All hell breaks loose as The Usos and Rey Mysterio come out. Vickie makes it a twelve-man match now. They all beat Rey around until Punk tags in and cleans house. The end comes when Rey hits 619 on Erick Rowan and Punk hits him with GTS for the win.
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